Northern Virginia Transportation Authority

Northern Virginia Transportation Authority
City of Manassas
Prince William County, VA

NVTA Description

Senate Bill 576, approved by the General Assembly on April 17, 2002, amended the Code of Virginia and created the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority. The Bill added a chapter (numbered 48.2) to Title 15.2 which describes the purpose and powers of the new Authority. Below is a “plain language” summary of excepts from the chapter relating to the Authority’s mission.

The Authority has the following powers and functions:
• The Authority shall prepare a regional transportation plan for Planning District Eight, to include, but not necessarily be limited to, transportation improvements of regional significance, and shall from time to time revise and amend the plan.
• Once the plan is adopted, the Authority may construct or otherwise implement the transportation facilities in the plan.
• The Authority may contract with others to provide transportation facilities or to operate its facilities, or it may provide and/or operate such facilities itself.
• The Authority does not have the power to regulate services provided by taxicabs.
• The Authority may acquire land for the purposes of providing transportation facilities or services. The land can be for the Authority’s use in providing transportation facilities or services, or it can be transferred to another agency for use by that agency in connection with an adopted transportation plan.
• The Authority may prepare a plan for mass transportation services and may contract with others to provide the necessary facilities, equipment, operations, etc., needed to implement the plan.

NVTA Contact Info

Monica Backmon
Executive Director

Keith Jasper
Principal, Transportation Planning and Programming

Project Contact Info

Rick Canizales
Prince William County
Director of Transportation

Steve Burke, PE
City of Manassas
Public Works Director