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The Impact on My Commute

There are many questions around how the Route 28 Bypass will affect your commute. This section provides a look into all the materials that you might need as you understand the resources that are available to you.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions surrounding the Route 28 Bypass Project.

My Commute

One of the alignments, Alternative 2B,  indicates that the Route 28 Bypass will connect to Route 28 utilizing part of Ordway Road and turning east to connect to existing Route 28 south of Compton Road and north of Bull Run.

However, other alignments are being explored and until the Design and Engineering Phase is complete, we will not know the definitive location of the bypass.

PWC DOT will coordinate with Fairfax County during the Design and Engineering Phase. Fairfax County will review and need to approve plans for the section of the project within Fairfax County. PWC DOT will consult Fairfax County residents throughout the Design and Engineering of the project and will provide property owners the opportunity to share input throughout the project. Prince William County in coordination with Fairfax County will host numerous information meetings to ensure that residents are aware of the latest developments. Materials from the most recent community information session can be found on the project website under Project Resources.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has not taken any action regarding this project. Alternative 2B largely anticipates improvements in Fairfax County to remain primarily along the Ordway Road Corridor. Based on these plans, the northern portion of Ordway Road would remain a two-lane roadway. The project corridor and potential impacts identified on the southern portion of Ordway Road will be refined throughout the design process and will likely be significantly reduced.

In coordination with the City of Manassas during their design to improve and widen Sudley Road, the City will be installing turn lanes at the intersection at Sudley Road and Godwin Drive, which will be finished by the time construction of the Bypass begins.

  • There are many efforts underway to ease congestion on Route 28. The PWC DOT team will work in coordination with neighboring jurisdictions to ensure residents are informed of any impacts these additional projects will have on the Route 28 Bypass.
  • Route 28 Widening Project: Widening Route 28 for a distance of approximately 2.3 miles from the existing bridge over Bull Run to the interchange at Route 29.
    • Lead: Fairfax County Department of Transportation
  • I-66 Expansion Project: Reconstructing 12 interchanges along 22 miles of I-66.
    • Lead: Virginia Department of Transportation
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